Advanced  Studies  for  the  Serious  String  Player  and  Pianist

Bravo! was established in 1989 by Sally O'Reilly to meet the needs of the growing number of young musicians who choose to spend a portion of each summer focusing on their development as musicians and instrumentalists.  In 2019, Bravo! will be at Shattuck-St. Mary's School in Faribault, MN for the third year in a row.  During their time at Bravo!, students receive 4 one-hour private lessons, two technique classes, and 4 chamber music coaching sessions in addition to all master class and recital opportunities.

This year, Bravo! is partnering with the Collaborative Piano Institute.  Students of Bravo! will have the chance to work with collaborative pianists from all over the country and world.  Learn more about the Collaborative Piano Institute at



Sunday, June 9th to Saturday, 22nd.  Participants may depart after the final concert on Friday, June 21st if they wish.



The $900 tuition fee includes 4 private lessons, 4 chamber music coachings, 2 technique classes, 2 musician's health classes, transportation and  admission to the Minnesota Orchestra's season finale, as well as all master classes and concerts.  A $300 deposit is required upon acceptance to reserve your place.  If cancellation is made before June 1st, $150 of the deposit will be refunded.  The remainder of the tuition is due on Registration Day and is non-refundable.


Housing and Meals

Housing for students will be on Shattuck-St. Mary's Campus.  The charge for an air-conditioned room (14 days, 13 nights) and three meals a day for the duration of the festival is $800.  This fee is due on Registration Day and is non-refundable.


Cost Breakdown

Application Fee: $50 ($53.08 if paid with Credit Card)

Tuition: $900 

Housing and Meals: $800

Total Cost to Attend: $1,750


Financial Aid

Bravo! costs are heavily subsidized by Shattuck-St. Mary's School, which keeps its costs well below that of similar programs elsewhere.  Therefore, scholarships are granted to outstanding students on a need-only basis, upon request, and following confirmation of need.

Typical Bravo! Day

Here's what to expect from a typical Bravo! day:


8:30am-Practice/Private Lesson/Chamber Music


1:30pm - Practice/Private Lesson/Chamber Music

3:30pm-Technique Class or Student Activity


6:30pm-Prepare for Recital or Master Class

7:30pm-Recital or Master Class

10:30pm-Lights out (pre-college students)